TPS Fee Waiver Requirements

TPS Fee Waiver Requirements

Applications to USCIS usually require fees to be included in order to be processed.  However, in certain circumstances, USCIS may allow for fees to be waived.

In order to get a fee waiver for a TPS application, USCIS has provided guidance on what should be included in the written statement requesting the waiver.

The key points that should be included in the written statement are:

  • A statement indicating that “under penalty of perjury, the foregoing statements are true and correct.”
  • specific reasons why you are unable to pay the fee
  • a list of all of your assets, including property owned
  • your monthly income for at least 3 months prior to submission of the form
  • your monthly bills and other required expenditures
  • a list of dependents in the United States, including street addresses and relationship to you, and any income that they earn or receive
  • information about any public benefits you receive, such as Medicaid, welfare, or house assistance
  • any other information relating to humanitarian considerations, such as age, disability, homelessness

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