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The attorneys at The Rodriguez-Nanney Law Firm provide child support services in the Annapolis and Baltimore areas of Maryland, allowing you to protect the financial interests of your child.

We are dedicated to not only protecting your child and your family, but also allowing you to get through this process in as quick and hassle-free a way as possible, without overlooking any essential pieces of information.

The purpose of the Maryland child support system is to ensure that children of separated or divorced parents are able to receive the financial support and assistance that they need, while ensuring parents can justifiably afford to provide for them. Our role as your attorney is to provide the localized legal knowledge and counseling necessary to ensure that your child support case reaches a fair and reasonable decision.

Providing Legal Assistance for All Forms of Maryland Child Support Cases

As highly experienced child support attorneys in Maryland, we are familiar with the many different circumstances that can lead to a child custody or child support hearing, and how these issues should be approached.

The Rodriguez-Nanney legal team has handled all of the following legal situations:

  • Child Support Agreements During Divorce Settlements – The most common reason that a parent would need to hire an Annapolis or Baltimore child support attorney is due to a divorce. Our family law attorneys can not only assist you with the entire divorce process, but can also make sure you provide the appropriate evidence regarding income, assets, and child custody to properly establish a child support order.
  • Seeking Child Support Due to Paternity Test – If you were not married to your child’s father when the child was born, seeking child support may be a complicated process. Our Maryland child support attorneys will guide you through the process of pursuing support using paternity legal actions to ensure your child receives the support he or she deserves.
  • Receiving Unpaid Child Support – Our family law attorneys frequently help Maryland parents ensure that their child support rulings are enforced and that unpaid child support is finally received.
  • Modifying Child Support Rulings – If you feel that your child support decision was unfair, or if your financial situation has changed, our child support attorneys in Baltimore and Annapolis can help you determine if you are eligible for a child support modification, and we will help you get a change in the child support amount.

Child Support Case Essentials

When you enter into a child support case in the Baltimore, MD area, there are many different factors that the courts will take into account when determining which parent will pay child support and how much support will be required. These factors include:

  • The income of each parent
  • Childcare expenses, including health and education costs
  • Each parent’s share of child custody and access to the child

Our team of Annapolis child support attorneys will gladly help you prepare all of the legal and financial documentation that you will need to provide in a Maryland court in order to reach a fair outcome for you and for your child. We are here to make sure that you, and your child, are properly and strongly represented.

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