Private Adoption Maryland

Private Adoption Maryland

If you are considering an open adoption in the state of Maryland and seeking the help of a Maryland adoption attorney, we can help.  Just complete the short form on this page and take the first steps.

In Maryland, there are two types of adoption recognized as part of Maryland’s adoption laws: independent, or private, adoptions and agency adoptions. Often, families and individuals decide to pursue an independent adoption because they are frustrated by the delays or other hurdles associated with working with an agency.

Advantages to private adoptions

Private adoptions remain a popular choice for those looking to add to their families because they offer certain advantages over adoptions arranged by an agency.

  •  Greater control for both birth parents and adoptive families.
  • Increased accessibility to information. When working with an agency, birth mothers and adoptive families may only be able to review non-identifying information about one another. In a private adoption, these rules do not pertain, allowing both parties to get more information.
  • Faster access to the child. While there is no guarantee that a private adoption will be faster than an agency one, in many cases the adoptive family will have access to the infant more quickly after it is born in a private adoption.

Disadvantages of private adoptions

While there are distinct advantages to independent adoptions, these arrangements can also include greater amounts of risk. Often, hiring the right family law attorney can lessen some of these risks, although some are inherent in the private adoption process.

  • Unpredictable costs. With an agency, there is a cap on how much the process will cost. In a private adoption, the costs of advertising for a birth parent, medical costs, and other costs can add up quickly. It is illegal to pay for a baby, but it is common practice for adoptive families to cover medical and legal costs.
  • More stressful. Without an agency as the mediator, adoptive families deal with the birth mother directly. This can be a stressful experience on many levels.

For both birth parents and adoptive families, it is important to retain legal counsel when entering into a private adoption. A lawyer will help you go through this process more smoothly, addressing such issues as whether the adoption will be open or closed, and filing the appropriate paperwork to finalize the adoption when necessary.

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Private, or independent adoption is a viable option for many families, however it is a good idea to use extra precaution when arranging an adoption on your own.  It is especially important to have reliable, high-quality legal guidance when taking part in a private adoption. If you are involved in one, contact the Rodriguez-Nanney Law Firm in Annapolis today.