Naturalization Attorney, Annapolis Maryland

Naturalization Attorney, Annapolis Maryland

If you are applying for citizenship for the United States and need help navigating the complex process of legal immigration and specifically the process of naturalization, the attorneys at The Law Firm of Annapolis can help.  Our attorneys have extensive experience in the area of immigration law and are bi-lingual in Spanish and English.

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The Process of Naturalization

While immigration and naturalization are often discussed together, they are separate legal processes. Naturalization is the defined legal process through which a foreign citizen can become a U.S. citizen.  The current process is designed so that new citizens are not simply passed through legal processes, but also learn important aspects of what it means to be an American.  The initial phases of the naturalization process are:

Determine if you are qualified to apply for citizenship.

Immigration and naturalization laws state very specifically the qualifications for applying for citizenship.  Some of these qualifications include:

Legal entry and status:

  • Must be 18 years old – However parents may file applications on behalf of their children, and children may be eligible to receive derivative citizenship with their parents.
  • Must be a lawful permanent resident in the US and have been in the US for five years prior to application – Applicants must have entered the United States lawfully, and maintain their status as a legal resident in order to go through the process of naturalization.
  • Must be of “good moral character” – This standard can obviously be difficult to define, but courts have generally looked for patterns of behavior including drunkenness, drug issues, sex crimes, etc. as indicators of the applicants’ moral character.

Pass an English & civics test

Applicants must demonstrate that they are able to read and write basic English.  They must also demonstrate that they are at least somewhat familiar with the history and laws of the United States.

Take an oath of loyalty

The final stage in the process includes the applicant pledging loyalty to the United States.  And while this may seem an obvious last step, it also means that the applicant denounces former allegiance to prior countries or governments as well as pledges to take up arms in the defense of the United States.

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