Naturalization Attorney Baltimore, Maryland

Naturalization Attorney Baltimore, Maryland

If you or a family member is in the process of obtaining citizenship in the United States, the naturalization attorneys in Baltimore, Maryland, at The Rodriguez-Nanney Law Firm can help.  Our attorneys have extensive experience in the complex area of immigration law and specifically with the process of naturalization.  Additionally, our attorneys are bi-lingual in Spanish and English.

The Process of Naturalization

The process of naturalization is actually a separate process from immigration refers to the legal procedures by which a foreign citizen can obtain citizenship in the United States.  Under current requirements, prospective citizens must do more than simply complete a series of paperwork in order to complete the process.  You must also demonstrate an understanding of American life as well as meet very specific residency requirements.

How to determine if you are eligible for citizenship.

A brief overview of a few of the more important aspects of the naturalization process includes:

The process by which you obtained entry to the US and your current status:

  • Age requirements – Generally speaking you must be 18 years old.  Younger children may be able to receive “derivative citizenship” as part of their parents’ naturalization process.
  • Demonstrate lawful resident status and history – Applicants must be a lawful permanent resident in the US, which means they have entered the United States lawfully, and maintain their status as a legal resident for at least five years before initiating the process of naturalization.
  • Possess “good moral character” – Anytime a guideline or regulation is written using the word “good” it can be difficult to consistently define.  In general, the courts use this standard to look for people who would become law abiding citizens of the US.  Some potential red flags include things such as criminal activity, repeated drug use, sex crimes, etc.

Demonstrate English literacy

Applicants must pass an exam which evaluates their English literacy exam.  They are also required to demonstrate that they are at least minimally familiar with American history, culture, politics and laws.  Applicants may in some cases be exempted from this exam based on residency history and may also take the test more than once if necessary.

I pledge allegiance to the flag…

Upon completion of these requirements, the applicant is ready to take the oath of loyalty to the United States.  This is important not only as a pledge of allegiance to the United States, but it also means the new citizen denounces former allegiance to prior countries or governments as well as pledges to take up arms in the defense of the United States if necessary.

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