Maryland International Adoption Attorneys

Maryland International Adoption Attorneys

If you are considering adopting a child abroad and are seeking an international adoption attorney in Maryland, we can help.  Just complete the short form on this page and take the first steps.

The unique road of international adoption

Many parents are choosing to adopt children from foreign countries rather than domestically. For many parents, this is the right choice for a number of reasons. However, this can be a more complicated process than the one necessary for domestic adoptions because it involves the laws of a foreign country in addition to Maryland’s state laws and the federal laws of the United States.

The Rodriguez-Nanney Law Firm in Annapolis has handled a large number of foreign adoptions on behalf of our clients, making our firm a great choice when seeking an international adoption attorney in Maryland.

Foreign issues with adoption

One of the greatest challenges of international adoptions is that there are different laws in each country so it is impossible to create a single code of laws regarding adoptions across countries. Just as laws vary from one state to another in the United States, the laws can be different depending on the region of a given country from which the child is adopted.

For this reason, it is important to hire a local, Maryland based lawyer who has experience in international adoption and understand the complexity of the research required in order to complete the adoption correctly in the country where the adopted individual currently resides.

Domestic concerns

Once the adoption is finalized abroad, adoptive parents face additional hurdles at home in the United States.  Often, this may require that parents go through a second adoption to formalize parental rights under the law here. Additionally, the child must establish citizenship here officially for the process to be complete.

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Although international adoptions are becoming a more popular option for American parents, there are unique complications involved in these proceedings that are best navigated by an attorney with experience in this area. At the Rodriguez-Nanney Law Firm in Annapolis, our staff of bilingual legal professionals provides the experience and guidance our clients need as they undergo this rewarding undertaking.

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