Foster Child Adoption Maryland

Foster Child Adoption Maryland

While foster children adoption falls into the category of “agency adoption” according Maryland’s adoption laws, there are several factors that distinguish these adoptions from those conducted through a private adoption agency.

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Foster Care Overview

Before adopting a child from foster care, it is important to understand that foster care is primarily intended to be short-term care, as well as supportive services, for children who have been taken from their parents because their parents are not fit to care from them. The goal of foster care in Maryland is to find a permanent solution for the children in the program, whether that solution is returning to their parents once they have proven themselves fit, placement in a children’s shelter, training for adulthood, or adoption.

Adopting a foster child

Many foster families begin taking in foster children without intending to adopt them. However, no one can predict what will happen, and occasionally the bond that develops is so strong that the foster parents and child both desire to make it permanent.

In other situations, potential adoptive parents look to foster programs for children to adopt because they hope to help a child in need, they feel that an older child would best fit their family, or they have been able to find a child to match with in such a program. Maryland foster children can be adopted by a single person, a married couple, or same-sex couples, whether or not they have children of their own.

The foster child adoption process

Adopting a foster child falls into the category of an agency adoption, in which a public agency has custody of the child. In Maryland, this agency is the Department of Social Services, and they work with the prospective adoptive family to complete the adoption process.

Some of the requirements of this process include:

  • The adoptive family must undergo at least 27 hours of training and a home assessment.
  • The biological parents must relinquish their parental rights.
  • If the child is ten years of age or older, he or she must consent to the adoption.
  • In the interim period before the adoption is finalized, the agency still retains legal custody of the child, which means the adoptive family must consult the agency before taking certain actions with their child such as seeking serious medical treatment.
  • A lawyer can help you stay informed and protect your rights during this process.

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