Domestic adoption in Maryland

Domestic adoption in Maryland

Although international adoptions have commandeered a great deal of media attention in recent years, domestic adoption is still a viable option frequently chosen by families in both Maryland specifically and the United States as a whole.

If you are considering a domestic adoption in the state of Maryland and seeking the help of a Maryland adoption attorney, we can help.  Just complete the short form on this page and take the first steps.

What is a domestic adoption?

The phrase domestic adoption refers to an adoption of an American resident and citizen by an American resident and citizen. It can take a number of forms in Maryland, but the parties involved must be legal citizens of the country. It is different than an international adoption, in which the child is born abroad and not an American citizen, because children who are adopted from other countries must go through immigration procedures in addition to the actual adoption.

Maryland domestic adoptions

In Maryland, there are two types of domestic adoptions:

  • independent adoptions
  • agency adoptions

In an independent adoption, the birth parents and adoptive family find one another without a third party. In an agency adoption, a licensed child placement agency, either private or public, matches the adoptive family with the birth family and provides assistance such as counseling and legal advice.

Domestic adoption lawyers

Although it is not necessary to have a lawyer in order to complete an adoption, it is usually a good idea to hire your own family law attorney whether you are the birth mother or the adoptive parents so that you can be confident that someone is looking after your legal rights in this arrangement.

An experienced Maryland adoption lawyer:

  • Cannot match a birth parent to an adoptive family because they are not licensed to do this, and they cannot be paid to find a child either.
  • Can make arrangements for an open or closed adoption and get that agreement in writing so it can be enforced if the need arises.
  • Should explain the meaning of the relevant terms and documents to you, ensuring that you understand the rights you are giving up or being awarded and any relevant timelines, including the limitations on challenging an adoption.
  • Advise you about the risks of any adoption arrangement
  • Offer guidance as to reasonable fees associated with the process

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