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At one time or another, virtually every driver is going to become distracted, and fail to watch their speed or perhaps run a red light. There are multitudes of moving violations that could adversely affect your license and insurance. Depending on your driving record, and that of any other drivers who might be on your insurance policy, one moving violation could cost you hundreds of dollars in increased car insurance premiums. If you’ve been ticketed in Annapolis MD, don’t hesitate – call Rodriguez-Nanney, P.A. today at 410-268-5070.

Should You Hire an Attorney or Do It Yourself?

If you’re thinking of fighting your traffic ticket, chances are you already have the answer to that question. Certainly, much of the time it’s easier just to pay up, but if you’ve gotten too many tickets, or the wrong type of ticket, paying one small fine could lead to much greater payments in the future.

Nine out of ten people just pay the ticket. But is that the best course of action? The main problem with paying the ticket is that it is the same thing as pleading guilty, and therefore is going to show up on your record. Potential consequences are:

  • Insurance rate increases;
  • License suspension;
  • Huge fines;

What Can a Traffic Ticket Attorney Do For You?

If you get a traffic ticket, a local attorney in Annapolis, MD can go to court with you on your behalf. There are attorneys who handle literally hundreds of tickets, all day, every day, and they’re very good at what they do. You may be able to have the ticket off your record entirely, or at least have the amount of your fine reduced.

If you don’t simply pay the ticket, a traffic ticket attorney can bargain on your behalf. Because lawyers know the technicalities involved, they can advise you on which tickets they can get dismissed or reduced, and when you’re going to just have to pay. The good news is, with a traffic ticket attorney in Annapolis, MD, there’s a strong chance that you can get the ticket reduced, if not done away with entirely.

What If You’re Guilty?

When it comes to traffic violations, most of the time you’ll be better served by having your attorney try to work out an arrangement with the judge and the prosecutor rather than debating guilt or innocence. Even if everything looks like it’s stacked against you (i.e. the arresting officer hasn’t made any mistakes with the ticket and shows up in court as the complaining witness), license points could still be reduced, and the fine might be bargained down.

Most people who are guilty of a moving violation pay the fine because they don’t understand their options. Even when they go to court and try to fight the ticket on their own, they can end up being taken advantage of. A prosecutor might offer you the minimum fine in exchange for a guilty plea knowing that there’s a flaw in the ticket that you’re unaware of. A good traffic ticket attorney in Annapolis, MD, would see the flaw and be able to get the charge dismissed.

If you’ve been ticketed for a moving violation, you need to know your options. Legal representation can be surprisingly inexpensive, so call Rodriguez-Nanney, P.A. today at 410-268-5070 for a consultation. We’re here to help.