Annapolis & Baltimore H1B Lawyers

Annapolis & Baltimore H1B Lawyers

If you are entering the United States for work or employment and need to obtain an H1-B professional work visa, the Annapolis based attorneys at The Law Firm of Annapolis can help.  Our local Maryland-based attorneys are here to answer your questions, and are fluent in both Spanish and English

About the H1-B Program

The H1B Professional Visa application allows United States employers and corporations to employ foreign workers on a temporary basis specifically in designated “specialty occupations.” Those seeking to obtain an H1B Professional Visa often work in highly specialized fields, such as engineering, research institutions, niche medical positions and the academia. And while there are many definitions of these specialty occupations, one important requirement is education – the applicant must have a four year degree or equivalent bachelor’s diploma.  If the applicant does not have a four year bachelor degree, he or she will often have a higher level of experience that proves his or her ability to do the job.

Interestingly, the US government currently imposes a limit on the number of aliens who may be issued H-1B visas each year.  Those working for universities and non-profit research facilities are generally excluded from this cap.  Also, guidelines are in place which protect workers and ensure they are fairly compensated.  For instance, employers must ensure that wages being offered to H-1B recipients are at least equal to the wages being paid to other workers with similar qualifications in the same job – or pay the prevailing wage for the occupation in their area.

Areas we serve

The Law Firm of Annapolis is located in Annapolis, Maryland and offers immigration services including the H1-B Professional Visa in the following areas:

  • Arnold
  • Severna Park
  • Crownsville
  • Davidsonville
  • Crofton
  • Gambrills
  • Odenton
  • Pasadena
  • Edgewater
  • Anne Arundel County

How we can help you get H1B Professional Visa in Annapolis

Our immigration attorneys at The Law Firm of Annapolis can help ensure the H1B Professional Visa application process is done correctly by guiding you through the application and administrative process.   All of our lawyers are fluent in English and Spanish and we are committed to giving our clients the one-on-one legal consultation they need.

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